Category: Sound Baths

Caveday Sound Bath + Sprint

Wednesday October 19th, 2022
12- 1pm EST (New York/Toronto)

Join us for a 60 minute sprint designed to inspire deeper focus supported by guided meditation and a sound bath in partnership with our friends at Caveday.

Money Mindset

Sunday October 16th
7:30pm-9:00pm EST
What is your current relationship with money? 
From a young age we unconsciously create beliefs about money that shape our relationship with how we save, spend and make money. 
Whether it’s believing money is scarce and that we should be afraid of spending it, that money or wealth isn’t attainable, our money mindset has a huge impact on how we handle the financial side of our lives. 

Come:Unity Social

Join us to connect with Pause+Expand Members!
We will be spending time connecting with each other through sound and breaking into smaller groups to get to know each other and connect deeper with the intention of strengthening the foundation for the community at large!

Come:Unity Sound Bath x Creative Mornings

Tuesday, October 11th- 7:00pm EST

Sometimes we just need a break to unplug from our day – from our computers, slack messages, emails, work meetings and family commitments.
Join us for a **45 minute immersive experience where we’ll help you take a much needed break to disconnect from your devices and your to-do list and reignite your creative flow and inner calm.