Category: Sound Baths

CAMH Engage Sound Bath for Mental Health

Monday, June 12, 2023

Join us for a one-hour virtual sound bath experience hosted by CAMH Engage and Pause+ Expand. All proceeds will benefit the CAMH Foundation.

Unplug from the outside world and plug in your headphones to join an expertly engineered  guided sound bath with Pause+Expand, scientifically produced to hack your mind, and send you on a journey that will reshape your brain and reclaim your calm space. 

Sound Bath Positive Mindset x Creative Mornings

Wednesday, May 31 – 12:30pm EST

What would your life look like if you lived your life with an abundance mindset, truly believing that there is more than enough love, money, friendships, resources and successes for all of us to have what we desire? How would this impact your work, your relationships, and the actions you take in your day-to-day life?