VISION 2024: Manifest + Create

Virtual Workshop + Sound Bath

Sunday January 7, 2024
7:30pm – 9:00pm EST

Imagine it’s the end of 2024. Where do you find yourself? What milestones have you achieved? Who has been part of your journey and what new connections have you made? How have you evolved, and what fills your heart with gratitude? Are you ready to manifest the year you truly desire?

Understanding the power of visualization can transform your dreams into reality. By clearly picturing what we want, we set the stage for manifesting this as our reality.

Join us for a heart opening deep dive into visioning your 2024. Through journaling, the power of sound, and guided visualization, we’ll help you align your mind and body to see what it is you truly want this year. This is more than just dreaming; it’s a deliberate act of becoming acutely aware and present, creating a space where clarity meets inspired action.

We’ll also facilitate breakout circles, offering a supportive environment to connect, share, and vocalize your visions and goals. This collective journey not only fosters a sense of community but also will help you stay accountable as you take steps to achieving your goals.

This deep dive is for you if…

  • You want to take space to get start to get clear about what you are calling in for 2024
  • You struggle to vision and you want to feel supported in dreaming bigger for yourself this year
  • You’ve started thinking about your goals for 2024 but you’re not sure what steps you need to start to take to get there
  • You want to feel inspired by a driven group of people who are ready to make S#$% happen this year!

Limited to 30 people for the live experience.


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