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Guided meditation + sound bath sessions to enhance mental focus, find calm and nurture your emotional health.
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Access to 30 minute LIVE group meditation/sound bath sessions every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30am-9:00am EST


A library of recordings of Monday and Wednesday morning sessions (from the past 4 months) and sound baths exclusive to members


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Meditation Club helps me to continually grow in my self-awareness. I use it as a tool for cultivating more empathy, compassion, resilience, and self-worth. And though I come for all those things, I stay for Jenn and Steve’s honest, bullshit-free reflections and perspective. I’ve come to feel so connected to the faces I see on my screen two mornings a week and love growing those connections through the deep dives. There’s real wisdom and truth in this community, and I always learn something important from somebody. The opportunity to feel so connected in a world that often feels so disconnected is really a gift.

Tessa Judge, Portland, Oregon

Meditation Club has become such an important part of my week, I re-arrange those 2 mornings around the 8:30 zoom. I have been doing different forms of meditation off-and-on for many years (30+). These meditations take me to places within myself that I haven’t been able to go on my own. I love the group, how supportive everyone is to each other and that enhances the experience.

Brenda Armstrong, Mississauga, Ontario

Jenn and Steve have created something very special and the people who show up add their energy and wisdom in a way that keeps it all fresh and growing. The deep dives in particular have been quite literally life-changing. There has been a consistent level of synchronicity that is amazing. Most of all, I feel safe in this community: safe to share hard things, safe to laugh and be silly, safe to grieve or be tired or not at my best, which is all to say safe to be fully human.

Diane Sherlock, Helendale, CA

The meditations are a huge help to keep me centered and focused throughout the week. Mondays help me to start my week in a positive mindset, and Wednesday help me to finish the week strong. The topics are great and are usually parallel with my personal life. Jenn and Steve have created a safe community that empahzises love, healing, awareness, and respect. The last two years have allowed me to open, grow, love, and heal in a way that I never thought was truly possible. Pause and Expand has AND is playing a significant role in this healing process.

Victoria Smith, USA

Meditation Club is so effective in grounding me in the present moment. Just within the first few moments of each session, seeing everyone, reading all their comments, hearing Jenn and Steve’s voices, and being reminded to be present and breathe has become a welcome and vital ritual for all of us. Being part of this community reminds me that I’m not alone. Life is not easy and we all support one another in this journey. Having this community of people I’ve never met in person is pleasantly surprisingly uplifting every time! 

Stuart Alter, Indianapolis, IN

You make me feel a lot less alone in how I’m feeling. It’s like you both have reached into my brain and pulled out what’s on my mind, and help me move through the challenges. I often cry during the meditations. The community has been warm and welcoming from the first time I showed up. I feel like I belong and like I matter. That means a lot.

Emily Trower-Young

Pause+Expand is a community where you feel like you belong. It’s a safe space to share and be your most vulnerable. A unique experience with each meditation – it’s full of surprises, beautiful ones. You explore untouched parts of you with the support of a community and guides who are truly authentic. They’re a rare find!

Ritika Arya, Mumbai, India


You can cancel your membership at any time and you won’t be charged again.
The recording library will have up to 4 months of meditations that you can access and listen to at any time. We will also rotate select deep dives and sound baths on a monthly basis.
Recordings will be accessible up to 24 hours after the live session.

The content is exclusively available to stream online only. It can be streamed via your devices (iPad, phone, computer).

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