“When we pause thought, we open to the possibility of expanding our ideas beyond what we imagined possible.”

Jennifer and Steve are innovators in the field of health and wellness and the co-founders of Pause+Expand. Their quest to find new and efficient ways to learn about themselves and support others in dealing with the mental health effects of the global pandemic caused them to birth Pause+Expand in March 2020. They share the vision that there is power in community and showing up together to meet each other where we are right now. The connections created through the Pause+Expand community are what helps them thrive and find true purpose and joy in the work that they do.


Jennifer Spencer, Co-Founder

Jennifer has been studying and practicing alternative healing modalities in sound, meditation, reiki and mediumship for over 10 years. She has a certification in sound healing through Shanti Sounds Costa Rica and an in-depth channeling accreditation from Delphi University. She is passionate about offering sound and meditation experiences to support others to improve their well-being and enrich their day-to-day experience of life.

Steven Fernandez, Co-Founder

Steven has a Masters degrees in Psychology and Business from McMaster University and The Schulich School Of Business, along with an Adler coaching and In Depth Channeling accreditation from Delphi University. He is passionate about harnessing the power of mindful thought and creative expression to experience a richer and happier experience of life.