“When we pause thought, we open to the possibility of expanding our ideas beyond what we imagined possible.” – Pause+Expand

Pause+Expand uses left brained coaching techniques coupled with right brained sound and meditation practices that foster a deeper alignment between mind and body, resulting in quick, effective shifts and forward momentum.

We work in groups because we believe that community enables us to support, encourage, inspire and enable connection and shared wisdom. Everyone is welcome.

During every interaction whether in sound, meditation or through one of our workshops, we work with the principles of curiosity, openness, and patience for ourselves and others. We always strive to create a container where people feel safe to share and be seen.

Our experiences are anchored in two key modalities that support your body to open to the possibility of changing thought patterns and returning to a place of presence.


Sound is an incredibly effective way to support your well-being by bringing the mind and body into alignment.

During a sound bath, you hear sounds from instruments like crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks and koshi chimes that target brain wave activity (called delta and theta states) to help your mind slow down and your body move into a calm and relaxed state. It is from this place that your body can regenerate and restore itself on a cellular level, clearing brain fog and giving you new levels of clarity and focus.

Each Sound Bath is a unique experience via Zoom captured using professional sound engineering and recording techniques. During a Sound Bath, you are encouraged to sit or lay in a comfortable, supported position, ideally using headphones that plug directly into a laptop. There is absolutely no previous experience necessary to participate.


Visualization is a meditation technique that relies on your imagination to picture images, ideas, or affirmations to help calm the mind and refocus thoughts. It can help to ease pain in the body, release stuck energy and support you in managing anxiety and shifting negative or recurring thought patterns. During a visualization, Jennifer will guide you by “telling you a story” and encourage you to engage your imagination and inner senses to actively create imagery in your mind while your body is in a relaxed state. She will also support you in scanning your body to bring awareness to any areas of resistance that feel stuck or blocked so that tension can be released. From this place, you can develop new awareness to support you in witnessing and moving through feelings or emotions that you are experiencing, allowing you to return to a state of presence. This style of meditation is a great alternative for people who struggle with silent meditation.