The Self-Care Antidote for 2020

A 4-week Deep Dive Exploration Through Sound & Meditation

As a result of COVID-19 and the constraints it has put on our lives, 2020 has been a year of mixed emotions filled with moments of extreme contraction and expansion. 

Do you find yourself feeling isolated and alone?

Do you feel confined and unable to find your space to breathe?

Are you craving connection in community with other like-minded people? 

Are you experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety? 

Do you feel ungrounded or unsafe, lacking creativity or imagination given the current state of the world? 

Are you looking for a REMEDY?

Join us for a 4-week deep dive exploration into the POSITIVE OPPORTUNITIES awaiting you in these polarizing times.

Using a combination of Sound, Meditation, Visualization, Journaling and Group Sharing, expand in 4 key areas of your life:

GROUNDING – Anchor your ability to feel safe and grounded regardless of what is happening in your external world. Tuesday November 3, 2020

CREATIVITY – Ignite the fire within you to harness more creativity in your life. Tuesday November 10, 2020

LOVE – Unlock deeper levels of love for yourself and others.  Tuesday November 17, 2020

CONFIDENCE – Uncover deeper levels of confidence in your mind and body. Tuesday November 24, 2020

REMEDY will provide:

Gift YOURSELF this experience in growth and connection and perhaps invite someone else to take this journey with you who might be in need.

You can join us for the full 4-week journey or come to one that speaks to you most.

All sessions take place between 7pm-8:30pm (EST)

Price per exploration: $35 CAD // 4-Week Package $120 CAD

Note: In order to accommodate everyone, we will reserve 3 spots per exploration for anyone who needs financial assistance – a sliding scale will be available for those that need it.

To learn more, email us at