The Stories That Hold Us Back

Virtual Sound Bath + Meditation

Sunday February 5th, 2023
7:30pm – 9:00pm EST

There is a critical voice in all of our heads.
And it likes to tell stories.
So let us ask you a question.
When this critical voice talks, how often do you believe these stories are true?

“I missed the boat”, “I don’t belong”, “I’ll never find my purpose”, “I’m always going to be alone”, “I’m undeserving of success”, “I don’t deserve abundance”, “I’ll never find the right partner”, “I can’t trust myself”, “I’ll never find work-life balance”, “I cannot make a mistake”

The list goes on.

The stories of the critic are ALWAYS untrue.

So why do we lie to ourselves and keep these stories alive? Because somewhere along the way, something negative happened to us and since that moment we’ve created stories as a defense strategy to keep us safe from ever experiencing that pain again.

And as uncomfortable as it is to hear this, the biggest barrier to letting go of these stories is you.

During this deep dive, we’ll each choose one of our “stories” and explore where this belief is coming from and why we’re choosing to stay stuck in this looping thought pattern. We’ll use the power of sound and visualization to explore what it could feel like to open to the possibility of telling a new story and what small steps we need to take to make that happen. There will also be facilitated breakout circles to connect and share our wisdom with each other.

This deep dive is for you if:
• You want to stop believing the negative stories you’re telling yourself
• You can see how the stories you tell yourself are holding you back but you need support to figure out how to make new choices
• You want to feel more confident and empowered to make things happen in your life and do the things you really want to do

Limited to 30 people for the live experience.


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