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Sound Bath Experience

Thursday August 11th, 2022
7:30pm EST-9:00pm EST

How would it feel if someone you truly cared for knew how to ‘actively listen’ to you?

This important person in your life knew how to be fully engaged, present to the words coming out of your mouth.

This person wasn’t engaged in watching media in the background, checking their phone, driving in their car or multitasking, but was giving you their undivided attention.

And…after you were finished communicating and sharing your experience, rather than reacting, judging or trying to solve the problem, they simply paused and said, “I hear you, I’m listening, you matter to me.”

For many of us, this concept of ‘active listening’ feels foreign because the world we live in struggles to give its full attention at any given moment. And we struggle to give this to ourselves.

The act of listening is the gateway to our heart, it creates a sense of belonging to each other and ourselves. Listening makes us feel safe. Listening reminds us that we matter.

During this deep dive, we’ll explore and learn what it feels like to actively listen. We’ll use the power of sound and guided visualisation to help us understand what it feels like to truly listen to ourselves, and what can happen in our relationships when we actively listen to one another.

This deep dive for you if: 

  • – You want to develop a stronger connection to yourself and explore the areas that are asking for you to listen closer
  • – You want to develop a stronger connection with others in your life to reduce conflict and open to more love
  • – You grew up in a home where listening was not something that was taught or modeled to you by parents or family members and you’re ready to reverse this pattern
  • – You want to strengthen your relationships in your work with colleagues or to attract new clients
  • – You want to learn how to be more intuitive and identify or problem solve situations as they arise at work or home



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