Sound Bath Experience

Sunday November 27th, 2022
7:30pm EST-9:00pm EST

Back by popular demand, this is one of our most attended events.

Are you tired of carrying around negative thoughts, energy or other people’s problems that are impacting your life?

What are you ready to mentally, emotionally and physically release in your life?

Often we hold onto old feelings and emotions because we believe that we have good reasons to, but at some point we remember that holding onto things that aren’t serving us anymore is a detriment to our health and happiness.

Letting go is a conscious choice to decide that we won’t ruminate on old beliefs and things that are out of our control. It helps to release doubt, worry, and fear about a situation, person or outcome.

Join us for this heart opening experience to take space to purify any negative beliefs or thoughts that are ready to be dissolved so that we can reignite the feeling of freedom and open the door to new opportunities and possibilities to enter our lives.

This is a unique experience that will use tones and sounds intended to support you in releasing toxins from the body, clearing stuck energy, cleansing negative emotions and supporting you to re-balance the mind.

Limited to 30 people for the live experience.

This experience is for you if:

You generally feel like you are carrying the burdens/problems of other people.

You feel emotionally weighed down by the events of the world.

You are ready to become aware of what you can control and what you cannot.

You’re ready to take responsibility for your own happiness.


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This session is now full. We thank you for your interest.
Please email hello@pauseandexpand.com to join the wait list.