Join Jennifer every Wednesday for a live 30 minute morning meditation that will bring more clarity, calm and focus to your day. Jennifer combines energizing body scan and visualization techniques to help your body release tension and refocus your thoughts. Each week, Jennifer explores different topics such as Wisdom, The Inner Critic, Letting Go, Courage, Anxiety, Self-Love, Compassion and Release.

Meditation Club takes place every Wednesday at 8:30am EST (NY/Toronto time) via Zoom.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is a meditation technique that relies on your imagination to picture images, ideas, or affirmations to help calm the mind and refocus thoughts. It can help to ease pain in the body, release stuck energy and support you in managing anxiety and shifting negative or recurring thought patterns. During a visualization, Jennifer will guide you by “telling you a story” and encourage you to engage your imagination and inner senses to actively create imagery in your mind while your body is in a relaxed state. She will also support you in scanning your body to bring awareness to any areas of resistance that feel stuck or blocked so that tension can be released. From this place, you can develop new awareness to support you in witnessing and moving through feelings or emotions that you are experiencing, allowing you to return to a state of presence. This style of meditation is a great alternative for people who struggle with silent meditation.

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