Meditation 101 | Find More Happiness at Work

A live, online seminar to help busy professionals gain a clear understanding of meditation and learn stress-reducing techniques that will help with their mental health and cultivate more happiness by creating a practice that works.


The scientific benefits of meditation are clear: better sleep, deeper levels of focus and clarity, greater levels of happiness and reduced stress.

But it can seem like there are more ways to fail than succeed at meditation. We’re supposed to sit cross legged, close our eyes, get rid of all our thoughts and emerge 20 mins later expecting all of our anxiety to magically vanish away?
The reality for many of us is often anything but that. We can’t sit still, our mind starts racing, we have no idea how we’re supposed to breathe, and we eventually open our eyes and it’s only been 2 minutes when it feels like 20, leaving us more defeated and anxious than when we started.

During this seminar, we’ll teach you how to meditate in a really simple way and share some accessible hacks on how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life so that you can reap the benefits of this powerful modality and incorporate it into your workday individually or as a team.