Come:Unity Sound Bath x Creative Mornings

Guided Meditation + Sound Bath

Tuesday July 12th – 7:00pm EST

Sometimes we just need a break to unplug from our day – from our computers, slack messages, emails, work meetings and family commitments. Believe it or not, our ability to take intentional breaks and actually slow down allows us to move faster, further and with greater purpose and clarity later, especially on those days when we feel like we have major creative blocks, are feeling unmotivated, or that there’s too much to do and not enough time to get it done.

Join us for a **45 minute immersive experience where we’ll help you take a much needed break to disconnect from your devices and your to-do list and reignite your creative flow and inner calm. We’ll use the power of a sound bath and guided meditation to allow you to de-stress, slow your mind, and re-energize your mind and body (and maybe even help you harness a few new inspiring ideas!)

This session is now full. We thank you for your interest.
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