How to find greater purpose in your Career.

For the majority of our adult lives, we dedicate our time and effort towards our careers – yet do you ever ask the question:

Is my life’s purpose in alignment with my career?

Perhaps you have lost your job during these trying times and are re-evaluating the ways in which you choose to live and work as you search for your next role.

Perhaps you’d like to take the experience you’ve gained throughout your career and pivot to something that is more aligned with your purpose but haven’t had time to think about what that looks like yet.

Perhaps you’d like to make a radical shift and change careers but have not had the framework in place to vision and build a plan that aligns with this new path.

If any of these scenarios resonate, we invite you to explore a new freedom and future in your search for purpose though our 4-part Workshop called “CAREER ALIGNMENT”.

What is the result of a more aligned career purpose?

This 4-part workshop will help you to:

We invite you to join and network with a community of like-minded people working towards the same goal.

Total Tuition is $195 CAD

Class sizes are limited to provide a more personal experience.

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