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Meet your Spirit Council

Guided Meditation + Sound Bath

Meet your Spirit Council
Guided Meditation + Sound Bath 
August 8th, 2021
7:30pm EST 

What if you knew that during every moment in your life you are never alone.  

That at any point you can call on a council of guides to help you navigate through your life and find the answers you are looking for. 

From the day you are born you are assigned a spirit council consisting of guardian angels, spirit guides, archangels and ascended masters, that you can call on during moments when you need guidance, encouragement and support.

Your spirit council wants you to win, they are the champions of your life. Are you ready to meet them and experience your life with a little more wonder and magic? 

During this one hour deep dive, we’ll teach you who your spirit council consists of and how to meet them and start to build a stronger relationship with them. 

For the meditation + sound bath portion of the session, you’ll be asked to wear headphones that can plug directly into your computer and sit or lay in a comfortable position.
 Bring a journal, a pen and your curious mind. Please leave your phone in another room and join from a place that is quiet and free from distractions.

Limited to 50 spots.

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