Learn to Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side

Medium is a 4-week journey that will teach you how to connect with your loved ones on the other side.

In this 4-week journey, I’ll guide you step by step, demystifying mediumship and providing you with the tools and understanding to help you make contact with the other side.

Mediumship isn’t a gift that only a select few are born with. Your loved ones are waiting for you to reach out and connect. And each of us has the ability to make contact with them on the other side.

When we lose someone we love, the emotions can be insurmountable.

Imagine what life would be like if you knew your loved ones were always with you, and you could talk to them and receive messages of support from the other side?

My life transformed in profound ways as I learned to become a medium. And I want to share this wisdom with you so that yours can, too.

Whether you’re seeking answers, coping with grief, or yearning for the wisdom of those who have passed, it’s all within your reach.

Are you ready to commit to this 4-week journey?

Week 1 (October 23rd): The Fundamentals of Mediumship

Week 2 (October 30th): Developing your Mediumship Abilities

Week 3 (November 6th): Interpreting Messages from Your Loved Ones

Week 4 (November 13th): Navigating Doubt and the Waves of Grief

You’ll also receive:

– Guided visualizations and sound bath recordings to enhance your connection.

– Weekly reflection and journaling prompts.

– Access to a supportive online community.

  • – Recommended readings and resources.

This journey is for you if: 

– You’ve lost someone and want to reconnect.

– You’re curious about the afterlife and connecting with loved ones.

– You want to develop your own unique abilities and explore the world of mediumship

– You value a supportive and inclusive community where you can share your experiences, learn from others, and grow together.

About me: 

I’m Jennifer. I’m a self-taught medium and intuitive and I’m the Co-Founder of Pause+Expand.  When I lost my Mom in 2008, I struggled with grief and a lot of unanswered questions. But in those challenging moments, I reached out to her with a simple request: to connect. To my amazement, signs and messages began to flow, reassuring me that I could find her presence whenever I desired, as long as I was willing to stay open and be willing to receive.  My life transformed in profound ways as I learned to become a medium. I found solace, healing, and a lifelong connection with my mother that has guided me through every step of my journey.

I want to share this wisdom with others who are curious to do the same.

My greatest passion is helping people to feel safe, to explore the unseen, and to remember that all of the answers we are looking for are inside of us. I believe that when we come together in support of one another, we can expand beyond what we imagined possible. It’s my honour to be able to create this space to support you in your journey.

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